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512 DMX Controller

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DMX512/1990 standard, 512 DMX channels, output with optical isolated.
* Up to 62 intelligent Fixtures may be connected with a maximum of 36 channels each.
* Uses can allocate DMX channel to each intelligent Fixture dynamically.
* 16-bit X/Y control for absolutely precise movement.
* Up to 80 SHAPE generators. SHAPE track control is provided to control such effects as circles, lines and shapes like 8, etc.
* 62 Chases, up to 100 Steps each. Trigger mode selectable: Music synchronously, Auto, Manual speed
* 6 Chases, 62 Scenes operated at the same time. At most 62 intelligent Fixtures can be selected simultaneously.
* 31 MACRO, running combination of different manual, scene and chase can be recorded to the MACRO.
* USB port is provided. each USB flask-disk can record the whole data of controller,
* LCD display with backlight.
* Power supply: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz
* Equipment size / device net weight:485mm x 400mm x 105mm / 7.4kg
* Packaging volume / gross weight:595mm x 495mm x 270mm / 10.8kg

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